What is the difference between a model, theory, framework, and philosophy?

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This is for online course in a Nursing MASTERS LEVEL class. This is a discussion topic. No title page is needed. It has to be at least 200 words. It has to pertain to nursing and examples. I am a postpartum, newborn nurse. I need help with this please. It is for a discussion post. All references have to be peer reviewed and not from internet or wikipedia. Classroom book is Philosophies and Theories FOR ADVANCED NURSING PRACTICE Third Addition by Janie B. Buts and Karen L. Rich. 3 references are needed for this discussion, in txt citation and references at the end. This is a tough professor. Here is the topic for discussion pertaining to nursing.

Topic: Nursing Knowledge*********************************

******It is important for nursing scholars and practitioners to apply the right types of theories to their practices in order to gain greater insight into understanding why human beings do what they do. The components of nursing knowledge, the metaparadigm, conceptual frameworks, models, and theories support the translation of nursing knowledge into real-world practice.

******What is the difference between a model, theory, framework, and philosophy?

******How are they related? (Discriminate between the concepts).

I need this by Friday, 9/28/18 if possible. Saturday afternoon at the latest. Thankyou.


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