Assessment of Long Term Care

Assessment of Long Term Care or Residential Facility Writing Assignment

Based on the facility CareOne located on 493 Black Oak Ridge Road Wayne, NJ. Write a paper that includes all of the following information.
Use a heading for each of these sections to clearly identify the details in your paper.

Identify the specific Types of Care Provided and for what diagnoses (conditions)
An evaluation/analysis of the pros and cons of the care provided by the facility. (use Nursing Home Compare for data)
Provide a financial overview — what options to patient have to pay for care (eg. Medicare? Private Insurance? etc.)
Identify the names of the specific laws and regulations that oversee this facility; include if they are accredited by the Joint Commission
Recommendations for improvement
The research assignment must be written in the students’ own words in a grammatically correct manner.
Please be certain to include information from the nursing home compare website:
The paper must be submitted using Microsoft Word (12 point font, Times New Roman), double-spaced
No less than 5 pages not including the title page and references page.
APA-formatting must be used, including citations on references page.


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