Historical and Current Perspectives of Nursing –

HLTEN508B: Historical and Current Perspectives of Nursing – Nursing Assignment


The student will be able to demonstrate skills and knowledge required of the Enrolled/Division 2 Nurse to perform nursing practice in a contemporary health environment using critical thinking and analysis and reflective practice. 
1.1 Work with an understanding of the historical and current perspectives of nursing and nurse education 
1.2 Incorporate the theoretical concepts and information related to nursing into practice 
1.3 Identify contemporary issues in nursing and examine their impact on clients and the health care environment 
1.7 Utilise appropriate models of nursing care in the health care environment 
2.2 Apply professional, legal and ethical standards to nursing practice 
4.3 Identify and apply the characteristics of problem solving to the steps of the nursing process and development of nursing care plans 
4.4 Locate, review and critically analyse topical issues identified in recent articles


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