Transitioning From a Student Nurse to a Graduate Nurse

NCS3202: Nursing Professional Portfolio- Transitioning From a Student Nurse to a Graduate Nurse- Literature Review Assignment


Complete a 3000 word +/- 10%, Literature Review relating to the transition of the student nurse to a Registered Nurse.

Title: Challenges facing the student transitioning from a student nurse to a graduate nurse, and the solutions to overcome these challenges. This assessment must follow the ECU SNM assignment guidelines, and include the following areas:-

Address three main questions: 
1) What are the challenges facing the student transitioning from a student nurse to a graduate nurse? 
2) What are the solutions offered in the literature to overcome these challenges? 
3) Keeping the recommendations form the literature in mind, what is your personal plan (short-term and long-term) to overcome these known challenges as you enter nursing practice as a novice nurse?

You will need to critically review a range of academic journal articles (no less than 15 peer reviewed articles, no older than 5 years old) to explore this topic. Look both locally, nationally, and internationally for literature.

1. This is to be written as a Literature Review which requires the student to document their search strategy and keywords. More details on what a literature review entails, is addressed in the ECU

Tip Sheet – literature review (if this link fails to work, this document is also located under the assessments tab on BB for this site.

2. Follow the School of Nursing and Midwifery Guide to Assignment presentation and Submission, found by clicking this link, or on Blackboard. content-rid6671302_1/courses/NCS3202.2018.1.ALL/SNM%20Guide%20to%20Assignment%20Presentation%20and%20Submission.pdf


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