Describe what you expect to learn in this assessment course.

This is a reflective journal assignment designed to allow the student to reflect on thoughts and emotions related to health assessment. This course challenges students to document the actual process of gathering a health history, physical exam, and documentation of the information. This slowing down of the process allows the student to closely examine the health assessment process in an effort to build and sharpen skills.

Please reflect and respond, using a minimum of 150 words, to the following areas, you may include any other comments or thoughts unrelated to the listed areas. There are no right or wrong answers and credit for the assignment is earned by timely completion and providing coherent thoughts about the areas of focus.

Take a moment to reflect on:

·         As an experienced nurse, think about the feelings experienced in preparing to take this course.

·         Discuss your strengths and weaknesses related to collecting health histories and performing physical examinations.

·         Describe what you expect to learn in this assessment course.


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