Foundational Information In Health Informatics

 Please include the resources here in completing the assignment

· Module 2.1 Learning Resources 


· Nelson, R., & Staggers, N. (2018). Health informatics: An interprofessional approach (2nd ed.). St. Louis, Missouri: Elsevier. 

o Chapter 12 The Engaged ePatient

o Chapter 13 Social Media Tools for Practice and Education

o Chapter 14 Personal Health records

o Chapter 15 mHealth: The Intersection of Mobile Technology and Health


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· myPHR

· AHIMAonDEMAND (2010, January 28). What a PHR can do for you [Video file]. Retrieved from: 

This Learning Activity will help you to develop skills and knowledge that you will need for the Competency Assessments. It is highly recommended that you complete this optional activity.

Personal Health Records

Part of being an engaged patient, is knowing your health information and having copies of pertinent health information from your providers.

Create a plan to start a personal health record for you or a member of your family.

Address the following questions:

· How will you identify the current locations of your medical records?

· How do you obtain the medical records? Include if state law allows a fee for copying a medical record for a patient. How will you maintain your health record (digitally or in paper format)?

Include the rationale for your format and any associated costs with the plan.

· Provide current creditable sources supporting your statements.

· Prepare this paper according to current APA guidelines. 


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