Politics of Globalization

Politics of Globalization


Globalization is a global aspect that encompasses all of the life aspects and is influenced by modern communication, transportation and legal frameworks like the political option involved in business. It is applied to describe an individual as being connected in the political aspect for this essay.

The political aspect of globalization as seen in most countries bring about global policies and centers that are aimed at managing matters in business, human rights and the environment. Globalization has so far been able to be successful and has resulted to the World Trade Organization, the Euro currency and the trade agreement made by the North Americans among others. The main issue that arises is the openness of these centers of power to meet this.

Globalization disguises the political reality that happens in most nations. The politics that surrounds globalization is quite expressive and normative. What is seen in the globalization arena amongst international companies is politically based and has brought about liberal as well as social democratic centers of power of developed nations to do away with the power to manage economic aspects.

Such nations have done away with the grappling of power so that they may be keen global matters like WTO. Such organizations are in the process of putting in place what they see as the most suitable direction they ought to follow.


Globalization is comprised of the increase on trade in the nations with regard to the associations that make it possible for countries to interact with no conflict.

Liberalization being the agreement of the Neoclassical economic aspect with regard to limited conflict in the movement of goods and services from one country to another. This has brought about focus to be made on one particular trend of goods and reduction of conflict in terms of tariffs and other barriers of trade. The past has been plagued by the gold standard and liberalization which is also known as the initial era of Globalization. This period saw growth in industry-based activities. David Ricardo argued that countries would be in a good position to engage in trade in the best manner as well as alleviate any issues that arose with ease. The gold standard was formed in the bigger nations in the late 18th century.

This period of globalization disintegrated into phases with the occurrence of the First World War and the fall of the gold standard in the late 1920s. Nations that took part at this time were very successful. The variation that was there in the countries dropped in terms of goods, capital and labour. Globalization that followed in World War two was controlled by trade discussions that had been bent on the aim of doing away with barriers.

A new form of politics

There is need to response to this form of politics that is attributed to depoliticize and disempower nations. For this to take place there ought to be politics of the thought and action: one that has the ability of managing itself as well as the issues that arise with other nations. This however is one very complicated thing to do.

There are a number of issues that are connected to this: first of all it issues a number of political issues that are done away with from another one, they are hard to reach to reach and have nothing similar in their operations or political struggles that they went through. Another one is the number of companies and centers that at present rule the world, they are able to meet in the forms of capital that result to major authority in the modes of communication that rivalry will be reported .

It is necessary to note that most of the politics that plague globalization arise from the European nations. It therefore goes without saying that the creation of an integrated Social Europe, that has the ability of joining the several centers of power where they may be located, is vital for those that aim to rival it.

Cooperation with no integration

The social activities that are considered necessary in the politics of rivalry are of a good number all because of their sources and goals. They however have a common attribute they are identified by.

The first one is since they are due to the rejection by past political models, more so the ones of soviet origin. Basically, they do not allow any form of single minority control of companies that belong to them. They in a good way advance and motivate the taking part of stakeholders. They are bound to be affected the several aspects of individually based management of what they do.

Another well-known attribute of social movements is the manner what they consider relevant in regard to social matters like health and jobs. A third form is the absence of direct response, a procedure that should show itself in exemplary tendency that have an impact on the most important promotion. There is similarly a common attribute which is unity that leads them to meet most of what they need.


The politics of globalization has arisen from what is the real case. It was quite successful when the political processes were ignored in the thought that the increase in material development would do away with political variations.

Currently, when we look at what took place in the past, it is noted as a time that saw several wars that posed as a mockery of political bodies that attended Communism. The past, like the late 1990s is seen as a time of economic declines and political rivalry. With time passing by, these issues have been as a form of awareness as it has led to peace and successes like responsive politics.

Generally, it can be state that politics and political advancement generally lacked any form of care in the globalization period. The massive and at times lower growth rates are valid evidence of the political tendencies that would have brought about opposition. Autocratic policies that took away citizen and political autonomy were put in place through helping people escape long periods of poverty.

The advancement of a people-based on the rule of law, the setting up of a valid considerate and uncorrupt government that is keen on human rights and issues pertaining to the minorities; autonomy in expressing themselves; right for a fair trial among others that were not taken into practice.


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