Mental health and occupational therapy writing homework help

  1. Briefly explain each of the four perspectives used by occupational therapists to address the needs of OT clients with mental health issues. (Humanistic, Biological, Psychodynamic, & Behavioral). In a few sentences, explain why all four perspectives are needed for comprehensive Mental Health OT Practice. Also explain why each perspective is needed, by briefly discussing each perspective separately, with a sentence or two for each.
  2. For ONE of the four perspectives, describe a population of clients that could benefit from occupational therapists using that perspective. Explain your rationale for associating the particular client population with that perspective.
  3. For ANOTHER ONE of the perspectives that you did not select for section b. above , briefly discuss a particular OT intervention strategy in mental health practice that emanates from that particular perspective, as designed for a specific client population. Explain your rationale for associating that particular intervention strategy with the associated perspective and with your selected client population. Use at least one reputable primary source to support your assertions and arguments.
  4. How would the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual be used by a psychologist, psychiatrist or social worker to arrive at a diagnosis for these or other mental health clients?
  5. When preparing to evaluate ONE of these three hypothetical clients, in what ways would an occupational therapist find it useful to know the diagnosis that was assigned by a qualified mental health professional for this particular client? Briefly discuss your selected client within the context of OT evaluation planning.

2-3 pages with references


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