pw181 based on the results of below given research study please explain following points variations in health what can the department of health and the nhs do

Based on the results of below given research study, please explain following points;

‘Variations in health: What can the Department of Health and the NHS do?

  • Discuss the kinds of explanation for these observed variations in life expectancy
  • Could it be argued that the lower social classes are responsible for their higher mortality rates? What alternative explanations can you give?


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research study

(“In 1995 as part of the UK Health of the Nation program, a report was published called ‘Variations in health: What can the Department of Health and the NHS do?’ This drew together the findings from a number of important studies such as those of three national birth cohorts born in 1946, 1958 and 1970 and from other surveys including the national Health and Lifestyle Survey conducted in England, Scotland and Wales during 1984/85 (Cox et al., 1987). The report considers the magnitude of variations in health and the evidence suggesting that differentials in mortality and morbidity rates are increasing between different socioeconomic groups, between men and women, and between regions of the country and different ethnic groups. Considering occupational class differences first, the report shows that (DHSS, 1995, p. 9):

  • Life expectancy at birth is currently around seven years higher in the registrar General’s social class I than in social class V
  • Children in social class V are four times more likely to suffer accidental death than their peers in social class I;

  • Of the sixty-six major causes of death in men, sixty-two were more common among those in social classes IV and V combined than in other social classes;
  • Of the seventy major causes of death in women, sixty-four were more common in women married to men in social classes IV and V;
  • Women in social class I have a registered incidence of breast cancer 1.5 times higher than women in social class V.
  • “)


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