Health and Physical Education – Life Long Physical Activity

Topic: Health and Physical Education – Life Long Physical Activity

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Number of references = 6 at minimum

Requirements of assignment:
In this practical assignment we ask you to explore the evidence that supports the incorporation of the LLPA in the Australian Curriculum. In essay format, cover the following:

• define and describe LLPA;
• define physical activity and health-related fitness;
• describe how and why LLPAs differ from traditional sports;
• use peer-reviewed literature to describe the research evidence that informs the view that LLPA enhances health-related fitness and wellbeing;
• provide an example of how LLPA activity can be incorporated into Physical Education Curriculum using an year level band of your choice (e.g. years 7-8) referencing the Australian Curriculum.

Assignment is submitted to turnitin so cannot be above 30% plagiarism.


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