Personal Fitness health and medicine homework help

  1. How do you define physical fitness? What are the key components of a physical fitness program? What might you need to consider when beginning a fitness program?
  2. How would you determine the proper intensity and duration of an exercise program? How often should exercise sessions be scheduled?
  3. Why is stretching vital to improving physical flexibility? Why is flexibility important in everyday activities?
  4. Identify at least four physiological and psychological benefits of physical fitness. What is the significance of the latest fitness report from the Office of the Surgeon General? How might it help more people realize the benefits of physical fitness?
  5. Describe the different types of resistance employed in an exercise program. What are the benefits of each type of resistance?
  6. Your roommate has decided to start running first thing in the morning in an effort to lose weight, tone muscles, and improve cardiorespiratory fitness. What advice would you give to make sure your roommate has a good plan and doesn’t get injured?

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