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The subculture project begins with the selection of a subculture or co-culture in the United States during the current time. In this case, the dominant culture would be the U.S. culture. This clearly changes as the country being focused on, e.g. France, England, Iraq, etc, becomes the dominant culture. The subcultures or co-cultures are the various groups that live in harmony with the dominant culture, which means that 50% or more of the dominant culture accepts the subculture or co-culture. (Countercultures or subgroups live outside the value system and are not accepted by 50% or more of the dominant culture.) NOTE: This project is to focus on a “co-culture”, not a “counterculture.” Examples of co-cultures could be based on ethnic or cultural identification, religious beliefs, lifestyle choices, atheism, ageism, gender, recovery status, e.g. alcoholics, or general belief systems or group identity found living in harmony within the dominant culture. The key is to narrow your topic so as to have a major focus (drug recovery, related to teens, women, people in sensitive careers, etc). Once having chosen and had your topic approved, be sure to include the following aspects in your paper/project and then submit it through the sub-cultural project/paper. This automatically submits your paper through a plagiarism site, Instructions: For the bibliographies: Each person must select a minimum of 5 different academic-quality resources. Each entry must be annotated. This means that you should write a paragraph explaining why you chose this resource and what particular information it provided. Only 2 internet sources may be used. At least 1 interview needs to be conducted and implemented into the paper/project.This is considered one of the sources. Do not indicate the full name of the person. Apply the concepts relating to intercultural communication that we have discussed, such as: organization/structure/hierarchy a brief history or discussion of the subculture’s origins symbols values—ideals or abstract ideas about what is right and wrong norms—rules or guidelines for behavior within the subculture positive and negative social controls—incentives/rewards for compliance with rules and/or disincentives/punishments for noncompliance with rules of the subculture stereotypes that apply to your group gender roles—expectations regarding the proper behavior, attitudes and activities of males and females socialization (and/or initiation)—the process through which people become part of the subculture and learn its attitudes, values and behaviors future prospects of the subculture—growth, decline, other compare/contrast subculture characteristics with those of the dominant U.S. culture distinctive communications strategies or characteristics employed by the subculture (include nonverbal communication techniques) ideas for improving communication between the subculture and the dominant U.S. culture and/or reducing stereotyping personal testimonies from subculture members, if applicable (first, consult with the instructor) Proofread and use spell-check The paper should be 5 to 7 pages in length, double-spaced, submit it to the Sub-Cultural Paper/Project .


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