Case Study: Kay Kay is a 57-year-old female admitted to acute rehabilitation with a diagnosis of right supraclinoid aneurysm s/p coiling with subsequent R MCA CVA. Prior to her stroke she was independent with her self-care, home management and worked full time as a nurse. She lives alone, drives, and enjoys hiking, kayaking and biking on the weekends. During her initial evaluation in acute rehabilitation, she demonstrated deficits in the following areas: Dense left hemiplegia (which included a winging L scapula and 2 finger inferior subluxation of the L shoulder), poor static sitting balance requiring minimal assistance to remain upright (patient with poor awareness of midline and would push to the right as she felt she was falling to the left). Kay also has a L homonymous hemianopsia and is blind in the right eye due to the ophthalmic artery occlusion. Finally, Kay has a significant left sided neglect, impaired STM and insight into her deficits. She required the following level of assistance for her ADL’s during the initial evaluation: Self-feeding: Maximal Assistance Grooming: Maximal Assistance Lower Body Dressing: Total Assistance Upper Body Dressing: Total Assistance Bathing: Total Assistance Toilet Transfer: Maximal assistance with squat pivot transfers Her short-term goals in OT are: 1. Pt will complete bathing at Edge Of Bed with Max Assist 2. Pt will complete grooming task seated at sink with S 3. Pt will scan to L of midline 1x during self-feeding task without cues. QUESTIONS THAT NEED TO BE ANSWER FOR THE ABOVE CASE STUDY OF KAY: Objectives/Performance Areas/Goals to be aIDressed? What are the Treatment Plan and Session outline?(answer should base/focus on visual system) List Performance Skills aIDressed in this session: List Frame Of Reference used in this session and brief description why chosen: These above question should be answer and/or focus on visual field!!!! please and thank you!! ONLY SOMEONE WITH OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY BACKGROUND SHOULD WORK ON THIS ABOVE CASE STUDY!!! PLEASE!!!!! please use this reference: Pendleton, H., & Krohn, W. (2012). Pedretti’s Occupational Therapy (7th ed.)


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