portfollio and rationale

portfollio and rationale

You Work as a Public relation person to Footprints orgnaisation and your required to write a portfollio and rationale for them.
write a portfollio and rationale about an orgnaisation called “Footprints”. We had someone from Footprint coming to the class to talk about the organisation. You need to build this assignment based on the Client brief that i have provided in the attached files here, plus the two power-points presentations attached. Power-point presentation number 2 contains some useful information in the notes section, including full details of Jim’s Story. You will also need to visit the website for further information http://www.footprintsinc.org.au/.

Description of task: In response to the client brief which i provided already, you are required to prepare a portfolio of five (5) original items of collateral as follows, each of which must be accompanied by a brief rationale following the headings below.

Inclusions: Your portfolio should begin with a short statement of your key message (original and developed by you), and a brief explanation of your message strategy ? in other words, how this message will help your client achieve their objectives. About 250 words in total for this part.

Your five original items must include the following:
1. One set of media communications on the same topic including
a media release, a tweet, and a blog post
2. Copy for a brochure
3. Copy for a newsletter article
4. A speech
5. Another set of media communications on a different topic to item 12,
including a media release, a tweet, and a blog post.
About 1500 words in total for the five original items.

Each item ? or set of items ? must be accompanied by a brief rationale of about 150 words explaining
1. Who the intended target public is for this piece
2. Why this genre is appropriate to reach this public
3. How you have used the piece to convey your chosen key message (making direct reference to the content of each item)


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